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We provide customized help in empirical models. See the following menu for more details:


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We have a comprehensive coverage of data related to corporate sector of Pakistan. We have the following data:


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Getting p-values and t-values with asreg

Xi asked the following quesiton: How can I get p-values and t-values using asreg program? Introduction to asreg asreg is a Stata program, written by Dr. Attaullah Shah. The program is available for free and can be downloaded from SSC by typing the following on the Stata command window: ssc install asreg asreg was primarily

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Ordering variables in a nested regression table of asdoc in Stata

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In this blog entry, I shall highlight one important, yet less known, feature of the option keep() in nested regression tables of asdoc. If you have not used asdoc previously, this half-page introduction will put on fast track. And for a quick start of regression tables with asdoc, you can also watch this YouTube video.

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Exporting ttest results from Stata to Word using asdoc

  asdoc installation If you have not already studied the features of asdoc, you can visit this page that lists the table of contents of what asdoc can do. You can also read this one paragraph introduction to asdoc. The following line of code will install asdoc from SSC ssc install asdochelp asdoc   Reporting t-tests with asdoc Before

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