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Our Services

Empirical models

We provide customized help in empirical models. See the following menu for more details:


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PSX data

We have a comprehensive coverage of data related to corporate sector of Pakistan. We have the following data:


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Our Recent Blog Posts

Export output of Table command from Stata to Word using asdoc

Exporting tables from table command was the most challenging part in asdoc programming. Nevertheless, asdoc does a pretty good job in exporting table from table command. asdoc accepts almost all options with table command, except cellwidth(#), stubwidth(#), and csepwidth(#).   7.1 One-way table Example 54 : One-way table; frequencies shown by default sysuse auto, clearasdoc

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Customized tables using option row() of asdoc – Stata

This is rather a quick example of how to use option row() of asdoc for creating highly customized tables. We are interested in a table that is given bellow. * Load example dataset sysuse auto,clear * Write the header row of the table with table title asdoc, row(Dependent variable:domestic or foreign, Domestic mean/frequency, Domestic SD,

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tabstat with asdoc in Stata

asdoc makes some elegant tables when used with tabstat command. There are several custom-made routines in asdoc that creates clean tables from tabstat command. asdoc fully supports the command structure and options of tabstat. And, yes asdoc allows one additional statistics, that is, t-statistics alongside the allowed statistics in tabstat. For reporting purposes, asdoc categorizes

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