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We provide customized help in empirical models. See the following menu for more details:


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We have a comprehensive coverage of data related to corporate sector of Pakistan. We have the following data:


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Fama – MacBeth (1973) procedure: What, how and where | asreg in Stata

Fama and MacBeth (1973) procedure can be used in testing asset pricing models and other areas. In this post, my primary focus is on its use in testing asset pricing models. FMB in asset pricing models It is actually a three-step process. We would divide the time period into three parts. 1. The first step

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Export correlation table to Word with stars and significance level using asdoc

The updated version of asdoc can now create a table of correlation with significance levels starred at different levels. The new version can be installed by typing the following line in Stata. Installation of the new version net install asdoc, from(http://fintechprofessor.com) replace An Example sysuse auto, clear asdoc pwcorr price mpg rep78 headroom trunk weight

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asdoc abbreviates / truncates my variable names and labels | Word to Stata

Stephen Okiya has asked the following question I notice that the variable names are truncated in spite of using the option abb(100). Do you know why this is the case? Answer: asdoc uses the abbrev() function of Mata. For some reasons, the abbrev() function splits the following sentence in half, no matter which value we

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