Setting the Output Format

The default in asdocx is to export tables in docx or MS Word format. However, this behavior can be changed either permanently or just for a given file. Let us discuss these options one by one:

asdocx picks the output style from the file extension that is provided in the save(filename.extension) option. Therefore :

1.1 asdocx sum, save(Regression Results.docx) will set the output format to docx. The save() option is sticky. Therefore, if we do not provide any filename in subsequent runs of the asdocx, the same filename and extension will be used for the output file.

1.2 asdocx sum, save(Regression Results.doc) – Again this will set the output format to MS Word, but old doc format.

1.3 asdocx sum , save(Regression Results.xlsx) – For MS Excel output format

1.4 asdocx sum, save(Regression Results.tex) – For TEX / LaTeX output format