Detailed regression table

asdocx can create three types of regression tables: (1) Detailed table (2) Nested table and (3) Wide tables. The detailed table combines key statistics from the Stata’s regression output with some additional statistics such as mean and standard deviation of the dependent variable etc. This table is the default option in asdocx.


asdocx reg depvar indepvar [if] [in] [weights], [stata_options 
       replace dec() tzok title() save() label
       nostars noci notes() setstars() ]

Following is a list of asdocx options that are available with the nested regressions:

Option Purpose
title(table title)  to specify the regression table title
dec(#) to specify the decimal points for regression coefficients; default is 3 dp.
setstars to set custom significance level for start. Default is setstars(***@.01, **@.05, *@.1)
nostars to suppress significance stars
eform to report exponentiated coefficients
label to report variable labels instead of names
noci do not report confidence internals
notes() write table notes, appended to the end of the table
tzok report equal number of zeros, even if trailing values are zeros
save() set the file name and extension

See the following examples of the detailed table.

*Example: Single table for each regression (detailed tables)
 sysuse auto, clear
 asdocx reg price mpg rep78 headroom, tzok replace

Linear regression
price Coef. St.Err. t-value p-value [95% Co Interval] Sig
mpg -289.346 62.539 -4.63 0.000 -414.246 -164.447 ***
rep78 670.897 343.521 1.95 0.055 -15.162 1356.957 *
headroom -300.029 398.052 -0.75 0.454 -1094.993 494.935
Constant 10921.33 2153.003 5.07 0.000 6621.487 15221.173 ***
Mean dependent var SD dependent var 2912.440
R-squared Number of obs 69.000
F-test Prob > F 0.000
Akaike crit. (AIC) Bayesian crit. (BIC) 1291.995
Notes: *** p<.01, ** p<.05, * p<.1