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Attaullah Shah
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Muhammad Ilyas

I think I shall fix this and update asdoc. At the moment, can you lease try and let me know the whether the following code works. The catch is you need to add a space between , and stat

asdoc tabstat esg, stat(mean) by(country) replace

asdocx is now available
A more powerful and flexible version of asdoc is now available. I call it asdocx. You may like to check the details here https://fintechprofessor.com/asdocx

Please do remember to cite asdoc. To cite:

In-text citation
Tables were created using asdoc, a Stata program written by Shah (2018).

Shah, A. (2018). ASDOC: Stata module to create high-quality tables in MS Word from Stata output. Statistical Software Components S458466, Boston College Department of Economics.
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