Access  to Finance

 Access to finance and firm performance

 Family ties / political connections / group affiliations and access to finance

 What determines SME’s access to finance?

4  Access to bank financing and the collateral channel

5  The role of firm size in determining access to finance?

6  Access to financing and firm growth

7  The role of cultural and national differences in access to finance:

8  Influence of culture and institutional environments on access to finance

9  Managerial / professional connections and firms’ access to informal financing resources

10  Is there any relationship between access to external finance and firm’s productivity?

11  Policy initiatives and firms’ access to external finance in emerging economies

12  Ownership changes and access to external financing

13  Islamic banking development and access to credit

14  Regulation and Access to Finance

15  Bank Structure, Relationship Lending and Small Firm Access to Finance:

16  Can easy access to finance impede entrepreneurship?

17  The Economic Impact of Expanding Access to Finance

18  Bank Competition and Access to Finance around the Globe

19  Local Bank Financial Constraints and Firm Access to External Finance

20  Does access to finance alleviate poverty?