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Attaullah Shah
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You can use the latest version of asdoc (Version : Changes made on October 30, 2020). It creates the mentioned table without any issue. See the following example:
The new version of asdoc can be installed from my site. Copy and paste the following line in Stata and press enter.

net install asdoc, from(http://fintechprofessor.com) replace

Please note that the above line has to be copied in full. After installation of the new version, then restart Stata.

sysuse nlsw88, clear
asdoc tabulate married collgrad, col replace

           |   college graduate
   married | not colle  college g |     Total
    single |       616        188 |       804 
           |     35.94      35.34 |     35.80 
   married |     1,098        344 |     1,442 
           |     64.06      64.66 |     64.20 
     Total |     1,714        532 |     2,246 
           |    100.00     100.00 |    100.00 
Click to Open File:  Myfile.doc 

asdocx is now available
A more powerful and flexible version of asdoc is now available. I call it asdocx. You may like to check the details here https://fintechprofessor.com/asdocx

Please do remember to cite asdoc. To cite:

In-text citation
Tables were created using asdoc, a Stata program written by Shah (2018).

Shah, A. (2018). ASDOC: Stata module to create high-quality tables in MS Word from Stata output. Statistical Software Components S458466, Boston College Department of Economics.
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