Data Management Services

We have done many research projects in large data set processing as well as data visualization. Data processing or manipulation can be the most cumbersome part of a research project. Specifically, if a researcher has to manually convert data from fixed format or data with many irregular fields and expressions, that can take a long time. Similarly, many data sets need to be merged with other data sets. We provide customized help for all such tasks. Specifically, we can help in the following areas of data management:


1. Data retrieval or data collection

We can possibly help in the following activities related to data collection:

  • Extracting data from a database
  • Extracting data from multiple files and storing them in one file
  • Extracting data raw formats
  • Extracting data from fixed, delimited, or other formats

2. Extracting data from matrices

Sometimes data is structured like a matrix. For example, data on the Correlates of War database provides a matrix of plagiarism by states against each alliance member. The matrix is constructed such that the last alliance is coded for at least twice (since there are two members) and has unique values comparing it to every previous alliance member. We can extract elements of the matrix to construct variables in the desired format. 

3. Data reshaping from long format to wide format or vice versa

Data might come in wide or long formats, where researchers might want a format that the data does not currently have. We can help in reshaping the data from wide to long format or from long to wide format.

4. Merging different data sets

5. Organizing data around events data

6. Winsorization and  handling of outliers in data sets

7. Handling of missing values

8. Imputation / Extrapolation techniques

9. Converting data from short frequency to longer ones

10. Extrapolations using Denton method


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