Paid Help Pricing

We charge fairly affordable prices when compared to the complexity and number of steps involved in data cleaning, data preparation, and estimation of the relevant empirical models in finance. The following are our price lists for a single model and bundle offers.

Data Cleaning and Management

Raw data need proper cleaning, merging with other data sets to create a desired set of variables, and usually reshaping from wide format to long. For example, to test a standard asset pricing model such as Fama and French model, one needs to merge financial and share prices data, t-bills rates, and market index data before the rest of the analysis. We provide such services for $50 or Rs. 5000

Price of a Single Model

If data is already in ready to use format, then the standard rate is $100 or Rs. 10,000 for a single model. However, the rate might vary with complexities e.g., comparisons of models in two or three different markets, comparisons of models in different economic conditions, or estimating a model on two different time frequencies such weekly and monthly. For each such additional step of the analysis, an additional $50 or Rs. 5000 will be charged. Examples of single model definitions are given below:

▬ Application of CAPM using cross-sectional regressions (Fama and Mcbeth, 1973) or time-series regression (Jensen, 1983)

▬ Fama and French three-factor (1993) or Fama and French five-factor (2015) model

▬ Carhart (1997) four-factor model

▬ Event studies models using the market model

▬ Momentum portfolio returns

▬ Panel Data models

▬ Models used in earning management research such as Jhones model, Kanzik model, Dechow et al, and Kothari model

▬ Mutual fund performance evaluation using factor models

▬ Time-series analysis including co-integration, GARCH/ ARACH/ VECM/ VAR etc

▬ Implied Cost of Equity models

▬  2SLS and GMM regressions

▬ Credit risk models, Merton Model, KMV-Merton model

You can ask for a quote through email if a desired model/method is not mentioned in the above list. The email address is

Bundle Offer

In the bundle offer list, the service fee charged per table/model declines significantly. For example, if you choose to follow the methodology of a given paper and want to replicate the results of a table that has 10 different regressions, then the pricing formula is as follows:

▬  Fixed $100 plus $30 for each regression /  variation

The bundle offer reduces the price per model from $100 to $65 if there are two models/variations in the analysis; to $55 if there are four models, and so on. This offer is best for Ph.D. and MS level students as the rigor in empirical analysis lend significant support to the hypotheses being tested from a whole lot of angles.

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