Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will this paid help negatively interfere with my learning process?
Answer: Not so quite. In fact, our experience with previous projects led us to believe that researchers learned a lot and far more quickly than what they could have learned on their own. During the process, we not only develop relevant Stata/Excel codes for doing a specific task, but also we enable the researchers to do the same on their own.  Researchers can ask questions related to the steps/techniques being taken. So there is no chance of missing the crucial learning process and things that researchers ought to do and learn during a research project. What makes us different from other websites offering illegal solutions such as those selling ready-made essays, we believe in student learning and hence we develop and share codes for statistical analysis and not just the final results tables.

  Q2. Shall I have to provide the actual data?

We encourage researchers to provide actual data, though it is not a strict requirement. We respect the confidentiality of the researchers’ identity and their data. Actual data is helpful in applying the statistical analysis and preparing and cleaning it before analysis. This way final analysis is directly linked to the already processed data. However, if researchers choose not to provide their data, still we can develop codes on dummy data which researchers can apply on their own to the actual data.

  Q3. How long does it take to finish the analysis?
Duration of the project usually depends upon how quickly we get and prepare the data for final analysis. It also depends upon the nature of analysis and number of steps involved. Our previous experience indicates that it takes almost from one week to three weeks time to complete a project.

  Q4: How the interaction/coordination takes place?
We share a Dropbox folder and share our codes, data, and results through that folder. Researchers can access this folder in real-time. Any question/updates are communicated through emails.

  Q5. What is the preferred method of payment?
We accept payment through bank transfer and Paypal, whichever method is convenient and less costly for a customer.

  Q6. Do I get suggestions related to methods and tests?
We do provide suggestions on best practices and leave the final decision to the researcher and their supervisors.

  Q7. What is the refund policy?
Before the start of a project, if a customer wants to cancel his project, we shall refund the full amount after deducting any bank PayPal transfer fee. Once a project is in the completion stages, refunds are not possible. Similarly, after we have shared our paid data with the customers, refunds cannot be issued.

  Q8. Are the codes and programs used in paid projects for personal use?
Yes. Codes, techniques, programs, macros or any other material shared during the project are strictly for personal use and cannot be shared with friends, supervisors, or the general public through emails, internet or any other means.