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We write codes for statistical analysis to solve complex problems. Both customized and generic codes are available.

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Avail our tutoring services in progressing your Stata skills.

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We have published several programs written in Stata / Mata Language. These programs are available for download without any charge.

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We have more than a decade of experience in data management, data cleaning, data merging, and data conversion.

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Stata Codes for Conditional Beta using MGARCH Approach

Time-Varying Beta estimated from Bivariate GARCH This project estimates time-varying betas and conditional betas using the method outlined in "Forecasting Ability of GARCH vs Kalman Filter Method". The code uses daily data. The interesting part of the [...]

Published Stata Programs

We have published the following programs on the SSC. These programs are already very popular as indicated by their monthly download statistics. To download these programs, just type ssc install program name, where program name can be replaced by the relevant. program name.