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We have a comprehensive coverage of data related to corporate sector of Pakistan. We have the following data:


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The Error option matrow() not allowed” when using asdoc with tabulate command

Ronald asked the following question: I am getting the error when using asdoc with tabulate command.option matrow() not allowedr(198); I asked Ronald to send his dataset for a closer look. Upon inspection, it turned out that Ronald was trying to tabulate values of a string variable, and asdoc had problem with that. As a temporary

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Reporting odd ratios and Chi2 with asdoc

Richard Makurumidze has asked:It seems asdoc does not work with the chi (chi -square) and or (odds ratio) in logistic regression. Is this correct or am making some error? Richard is referring to the nest option of asdoc that creates the nested regression tables. Without the nest option, asdoc produces detailed regression tables and exports

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Reshape data in Stata – An easy to understand tutorial

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From wide to long format Suppose we have the data in the following format The above structure is known as the wide format. If we wish to convert it to a long format, such as the one given below, +—————————–+ | id year sex inc ue | |—————————–| | 1 80 0 5000 0 |

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