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Empirical models

We provide customized help in empirical models. See the following menu for more details:


PSX data

We have a comprehensive coverage of data related to corporate sector of Pakistan. We have the following data:


Data Management

We have done many research projects in large data set processing as well as data visualization. Data processing or manipulation can be the most cumbersome part of a research project. Specifically, if a researcher has to manually convert data from fixed format or data with many irregular fields and expressions, that can take a long time. Similarly, many data sets need to be merged with other data sets. We provide customized help in all such tasks. Specifically, we can help in the following areas of data management:

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How to use asdoc : a basic example

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How to use asdoc Using asdoc is pretty easy. You need to add just asdoc as a prefix to Stata commands. For example, we use sum command to find summary statistics of all numeric variables in the data set. We shall add just asdoc as a prefix to sum.  Let us load the auto.dta set for

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asdoc : Sends Stata output to MS Word

About asdoc asdoc is a Stata program that makes the process of sending Stata output to MS Word super easy. asdoc creates high quality, publication-ready tables from various Stata commands such as summarize, correlate, tabstat, cross-tabs, regressions, t-tests, flexible table, and many more.   Installation The program can be installed by typing the following from the

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Log vs simple returns: Examples and comparisons

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Simple vs log returns Properties Conversion from daily to other frequencies MS Excel Example  [Download Example] id date prices simple ri log_ri ri+1 1 1/1/2010 70 1 1/2/2010 72 2.857% 2.817% 102.857% 1 1/3/2010 75 4.167% 4.082% 104.167% 1 1/4/2010 73 -2.667% -2.703% 97.333% 1 1/5/2010 74 1.370% 1.361% 101.370% 1 1/6/2010 76 2.703% 2.667%

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