How to use asdoc : a basic example

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How to use asdoc : a basic example

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How to use asdoc

Using asdoc is pretty easy. You need to add just asdoc as a prefix to Stata commands. For example, we use sum command to find summary statistics of all numeric variables in the dataset. We shall add just asdoc as a prefix to sum.  Let us load the auto.dta set for practice and find summary stats of all numeric variables and send the output to MS Word with asdoc

sysuse auto
asdoc sum

And voila, a beautiful table of descriptive statistic is ready [click here to see it].

And for correlations, we shall use asdoc cor. If we were to append the results to the same file, we shall just add append after the comma or leave it (append is the default, you can use replace to replace existing file)

asdoc cor
asdoc cor, append


See also the following resources related to asdoc.

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See a Table of Contents that shows what else asdoc can do


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Julia Schmidt

May 22, 2018at 11:20 am

This is such a useful program, it saved a lot of my time. A great breakthrough for all Stata users.

Dr. Yasir Bin Tariq

May 28, 2018at 3:57 pm

Thank you very much. I must tell you this asdoc program has made getting output from STATA very easy. You are a an academic Saint ❤ 😍

Alberto Otete

June 19, 2018at 2:59 pm

I have used asdoc sum, with very good tables in Word. I have thus learnt from this forum.

Myo Win

June 19, 2018at 2:59 pm

Thank you very much Attaullah Shah. asdoc command can create summarize table, corr table and regression tables easily in words doc. This command safe my time a lot.

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