Corporate Social Responsibility

 The role of board gender and foreign ownership in the CSR performance

 Gender-diverse board and the relevance of voluntary CSR reporting

 Corporate social responsibility governance, outcomes, and financial performance

4  CSR / Business sustainability performance and cost of equity capital

5  CSR and equity finance? Is there any relations between the two?

6  The effects of corporate social responsibility on brand equity and firm performance

7  Do financial constraints matter when firms engage in CSR?

8  Does CSR have different value implications for different shareholders?

9   CSR reporting practices and the quality of disclosure

10  Doing good and doing bad: The impact of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility on firm performance

11  Innovation and CSR — Do They Go Well Together?

12  Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Debt Maturity

13  Corporate social responsibility, credit rating, and private debt contracting

14  CSR as entrenchment strategy and capital structure

15  Country-level institutions, firm value, and the role of corporate social responsibility initiatives

16  Do Lenders Value Corporate Social Responsibility?

17  Corporate Social Responsibility and Growth Opportunity

18  Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Management Practices

19  Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment Efficiency

20  Corporate Social Responsibility as a Conflict Between Shareholders