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Returns to New IPOs : Stata Codes

This project investigates the under-pricing phenomenon of initial public offering (IPO) both in the short- and long-run. The project uses a variety of empirical methods used in IPO research. Following are the detail of this project: Importing different files from Excel


Stata Codes for Trading frequency and asset pricing | Price Impact Ratio

This project involved writing codes to replicate the methodology of Florackis et al. (2011), “Trading frequency and asset pricing on the London Stock Exchange: Evidence from a new price impact ratio”. The paper forms portfolios on price impact ratios using different approaches, and then finds risk-adjusted residual returns of these portfolios using a variety of asset pricing models.


P608 – Stata Codes for Measuring Financial Statement Comparability

In this project, we have developed Stata codes for the measures of Financial Statement Comparability as defined by DeFranco, Kothari and Verdi (2011). The authors first develop this measure and then test it empirically to find its determinants.

Published Stata Programs

We have published the following programs on the SSC. These programs are already very popular as indicated by their monthly download statistics. To download these programs, just type ssc install program name, where program name can be replaced by the relevant. program name.