asdocx : A Premium version of asdoc

asdocx : A Premium version of asdoc

It is now almost a year in developing and constantly adding features to asdoc. I think I would stop here and start working on a premium version of asdoc that would be more flexible in making customized tables. It will also be able to export the output tables in the followng file formats:



Plain text

Coma separated (CSV)




The program might take up to six months. The basic structure of the program is ready and can create documents in Word, Excel and LaTex formats.


Contributions and Members

This premium version is available for a minimum contribution of $15. Contributions greater than $15 are welcome. Members names can be optionally listed in the following table along with their contributions. Members who do not want their names to be listed in the table are denoted by “Member”.

April 13, 2019Member1$15
Total So far1$15


Pratap Pundir

March 18, 2019at 10:17 pm

docx and tex support are very welcome.
Please add UTF8 support.
Also the ability to add charts. This should be super easy – Stata’s stock command putdocx already does this…so very short 2 line code is needed…

Pratap Pundir

March 20, 2019at 4:25 pm

One suggestion with respect to the model: rather than making this a premium/paid module, which will certainly kill it, given the stock putdocx function and other free packages outreg, outreg2, estout, esttab etc.

What might make the project flourish is if you went the opposite way – instead of making it premium/paid, make it Open Source and put it on gitlab as a public repo, making it easier for other people to contribute to it. It’s still your baby. You are still the project owner and manager. But with others contributing to it, you don’t have to deal with every little thing yourself. Bugs can be fixed faster and features can be implemented faster…

    Attaullah Shah

    March 20, 2019at 6:46 pm

    Thanks for always helpful suggestions. Developing asdoc took a significant amount of time, both fun time and economic time. There has to be a sustainable model for keeping all these efforts alive. I do plan to keep the free version of a stock as it is, however the premium version will be available for a nominal fee that will not hopefully discourage potential users. Yes, the fee would be nominal.

Eric Melse

March 20, 2019at 6:05 pm

Consider the option to set document properties of the word file. E.g. the page size is now set to Letter, whereas there are (European) user who prefer (need) to use A4. Of course, this can be set afterwards using Word, but it would be a time save to be able to code some options to set formatting of the word file.

    Attaullah Shah

    March 20, 2019at 6:47 pm

    This is a good suggestion and thanks for appointing that out. I shall definitely keep it in mind while developing asdocx

Pratap Pundir

March 21, 2019at 1:41 am

Document properties -> Great point.

Two that jump to mind are margins and orientation, esp. important when working with lots of regressions that need to be nested.

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