In the past and in recent times, several websites have blatantly copied data from this website to make money or gain quick fame. Data or any other material on this website are meant for personal use in teaching or research. We strongly condemn copying data from this website on to other websites for any reason. People who argue that financial statements, share prices, or monetary statistics are public information, forget that such public information requires years of efforts and a considerable amount of time. They forget that Compustat, Thompson Reuters, and Datastream charge thousands of dollars for giving access to such public information.

Therefore, anyone who copies data from this website to make a parallel website for earning money, fame, or achieving any other economic or social goals deliberately or inadvertently, is guilty of academic fraud and plagiarism. Those who violate these terms and conditions, we shall publicly condemn them and post their names and websites on this website until the contents are either removed or direct link to this website are posted.