Research topics | Corporate Governance and Disclosure

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Research topics | Corporate Governance and Disclosure

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In this blog post, I would like to present a list of research topics related to corporate governance and disclosure choices. 


 The relevance of good corporate governance practices in family controlled and concentrated ownership environment?

 Corporate governance practices, firms performance, and risk? Are these related?

Market risk disclosures and corporate governance structure

4  How and why an independent audit matters?

5   What determines CSR quantity and quality?

6   Usefulness of annual reports to individual investors.

7  Can board diversity play a role in the disclosure process?

8   How mandatory derivative disclosure policy affect CEO compensation and earning smoothing?

9  Earning management and IRFS adoption

10 The impact of Islamic Financial Services Board Standard No. 3 on corporate governance

11 The perception of financial analysts on risk, risk management, and internal control disclosure

12 The role of ethnic directors in corporate social responsibility: Does culture matter?

13 Corporate governance and intellectual capital reporting in a period of financial crisis

14  Extent and determinants of voluntary disclosure for regulatory purposes

15 The impact of company size and multiple directorships on corporate governance effectiveness

16  The capital structure and investment decisions of the small owner-managed firm

17 Governance indicators as determinants of operational risk

18 Corporate governance, size, and disclosure of related party transactions

19  Social media: New challenges and opportunities for corporate governance

20 The Corporate Gini Index (CGI) determinants and advantages

21  Industry concentration and corporate disclosure policy

22  The Impact of Audit Committee Characteristics on Corporate Voluntary Disclosure

23  Equity home bias and corporate disclosure

24  The impact of news articles and corporate disclosure on credit risk valuation

25  Internet-based corporate disclosure and market value


Shahzad Hussain

May 27, 2018at 10:50 pm

Corporate governance and capital structure

Ajid Ur Rehman

May 27, 2018at 11:09 pm

firm life cycle can also be of consideration. Specially when growth firms have higher investment.potentiol. How it interplays with governace and disclosure. Its a bit a raw idea. I personalh believe with higher growth opportunities firms may report a laxed governance mechanisem which in turns may result in poor disclosure.

Muhammad Anjum Fareed

May 27, 2018at 11:10 pm

Institutional Environment, Blockholder’s Characteristics and Ownership Concentration in Pakistan

Anees Khan

May 27, 2018at 11:11 pm

Impact of Internal CG mechanism on corporate disclosure with a mediation of firm financial performance.

Rashid Zaman

May 27, 2018at 11:11 pm

I do believe there CG literature is saturated. However, would be good if one use CG in bundles on firm life cycle or even performance would be an interesting topic. For details see “Connecting the dot by aguilera et al 2015 published in “The Academy of Management Annals”

Irfan Khan

May 27, 2018at 11:12 pm

My M.phil thesis topic “Corporate Governance and performance of Islamic and Conventional Banks”

Ajid Ur Rehman

May 27, 2018at 11:13 pm

product market competion,governance and coporate disclosure. How dynamics of PMC affects the relationship of disclosure and governance.

Abdul Qadeer

May 28, 2018at 8:07 am

Corporate ROSCA i.e Rotating Savings and Credit Association.

Farooq Jamil

May 28, 2018at 8:08 am

Corporate governance and disclosure quality: Evidence from non-financial companies in Pakistan….!!

Irfan Ullah

May 28, 2018at 4:36 pm

Female CEO and Firm performance

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