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Research Topics in Finance | Financing / Capital Structure Choices

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Research Topics in Finance | Financing / Capital Structure Choices

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In this blog post, I would like to present a list of research topics related to financing or capital structure decisions.

 Top managers experiences and firms’ capital structure choices

 Do macroeconomic factors affect the choice of debt /equity financing? How are small firms affected?

 Supply of capital and debt-equity choices

 Persistence in capital structure decisions?

4  Can earning timing affect capital structure decisions?

5   Can stock return shocks affect capital structure decisions?

6   Effects of Capital Structure on Cost of Capital

7  judicial efficiency and capital structure: is there a relation?

8   Cultural and religious effects on capital structure choices

9  Credit market imperfections and capital structure changes

10  How corporate governance affect capital structure decisions

11  How financial crisis plays a role in altering capital structures

12  Country tax system and capital structure choices

13  Information asymmetries and capital structure decisions around the world

14  Product market competition and capital structure decisions

15  Capital structure adjustments: Do macroeconomic and business risks matter?

16  The capital structure and investment decisions of the small owner-managed firm

17  Competing theories of capital structure: pecking order theory vs trade-off theory

18  Can hedging increase the debt capacity of a firm?

19  Can credit ratings determine firm’s capital structure

20  Diversification and capital structure


Sohrab Ahmed

November 16, 2017at 8:26 pm

Sir g iam your student of MSc Finance 4th semester plz sir gee help me out i have selected a topic “Comparison of cash polices between public and private firms: i wasnt able to find relevant research papers on the above topic plzz sir i should be very thankful to you.

    Attaullah Shah

    December 2, 2017at 3:08 pm

    Sohrab, this is an area of research that has attracted much less attention. And the primary reason is that data is usually not available for private firms, as these firms are not required the the SECP to report their financial data. I wonder whether you will be able to obtain such data. As a starting point, you can read this paper and use it for backward and forward chaining of literature.


December 28, 2019at 7:32 pm

sir g am student of m.phil finance please help me select the topic for thesis

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