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  • Avik Mukherjee
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    Dear Professor Shah,

    First of all let me congratulate you for making this fantastic program, which is a boon for stata users the world over. I am unable to add text to my regression tables, as well as save the file in another name. Below is my command:

    asdoc xtologit rating_score L.log_environment_related L.lnsales  ///
    L.pat_d L.lnassets L.cap_int L.int_cov L.margin L.PSII L.aud_d ///
    L.busgrp_score, dec(8) cmd stars save (Chapter_1_Tables) ///
    add (Industry Effects, Yes, Year Effects, Yes)

    (File Myfile.doc already exists, option append was assumed)
    invalid ‘Yes’

    I am trying to save the file by the name Chapter_1_Tables.doc, which is not happening. In addition, I am unable to add the texts.

    I am using Stata 16.1 and the most recent version of asdoc (Version : Changes made on April 10 , 2021).

    Kindly advise.

    Thank you in advance.

    Warm regards,


    Attaullah Shah
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    There are three issues in your code. The first two issues are related to adding a space between option and parenthesis. See the following two corrections.
    Instead of save (Chapter_1_Tables) use save(Chapter_1_Tables)
    Instead of add (Industry Effects, Yes, Year Effects, Yes) use add(Industry Effects, Yes, Year Effects, Yes)

    And the third issue is the use of add() option without using the nest option. add() option works only when you are nesting regression tables. Therefore, this option will be ignored as asdoc will be outputting the detailed regression table when option nest is not used.

    asdocx is now available
    A more powerful and flexible version of asdoc is now available. I call it asdocx. You may like to check the details here

    Please do remember to cite asdoc. To cite:

    In-text citation
    Tables were created using asdoc, a Stata program written by Shah (2018).

    Shah, A. (2018). ASDOC: Stata module to create high-quality tables in MS Word from Stata output. Statistical Software Components S458466, Boston College Department of Economics.

    Avik Mukherjee
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    Dear Prof. Shah,
    Thank you so much for your kind reply. I have followed your advice and have been able to do what I wanted.
    Thank you once again.
    Warm regards,

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