Publication quality regression tables with asdoc in Stata – video example

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Publication quality regression tables with asdoc in Stata – video example

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Creating publication-quality tables in Stata with asdoc is as simple as adding asdoc to Stata commands as a prefix. asdoc can create two types of regression tables. The first type (call it detailed) is the detailed table that combines key statistics from the Stata’s regression output with some additional statistics such as mean and standard deviation of the dependent variable etc. This table is the default option in asdoc. The second table is a compact table that nests more than one regressions in one table (call it nested).

In this video post, I show how to use asdoc to produce the following nested table. 



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Nicole Martin

June 8, 2018at 10:33 pm

Firstly, thank you for making your Stata package available – it’s really speeding up my workflow compared to the other options available. I’m writing to make a suggestion that you consider adding an option that value labels can be reported in regression tables as well as variable labels.

Many thanks, and best wishes,


August 1, 2018at 1:36 am

Can ” asdoc” export the OR and 95% CI from logistic regression analysis?

    Attaullah Shah

    August 1, 2018at 2:03 am

    Dear Emily
    Version 2.0 of asdoc will have this option.


August 16, 2018at 7:00 pm

asdoc is an amazing service to the field. Appreciate it very much. Like Nicole, I would love a labels option for regression outputs. That function works great for asdoc sum, but would be of great value in this function too.

Thanks again.

Attaullah Shah

August 16, 2018at 9:37 pm

Dear Eric and Nicole, thanks for your suggestions. I am exploring the suggested possibilities. Since version 2 of asdoc is almost ready, I may come up with label option in version 3 or version 2.1.

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