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  • Nithon Mukj
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    I wish to write a new table below an existing table so that I can export multiple regression tables into a single Word file.

    For example, I create this regression table:

    sysuse auto
    reg price headroom
    reg price headroom turn

    Then I create another regression table:

    reg mpg price headroom
    reg mpg price headroom turn

    Please help

    Attaullah Shah
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    You can use asdoc for writing multiple regression tables to the same document. asdoc can be downloaded from SSC and can be used with almost all Stata commands. Here is a short blog post that shows how asdoc can be used with any Stata command. You can also watch several YouTube videos that show the use of asdoc

    * Install asdoc

    ssc install asdoc, replace
    Please note that I am using the nest option of asdoc in the following example. There are two other options to report regression output, they are (1) detailed regressions, which is the default in asdoc (2) wide regressions, which can be invoked by using the option wide. You can see further details on these in the help file of asdoc

    asdoc reg price headroom, nest save(Regression) replace
    asdoc reg price headroom turn, nest save(Regression)

    * Please note that option append is optional in asdoc, without
    * option replace, all additional output is appended to the file

    * Now start a new table by using the option reset

    asdoc reg mpg price headroom, nest save(Regression) reset
    asdoc reg mpg price headroom turn, nest save(Regression)

    See the asdoc output

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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