Boone Indicator for Market Competition

The Boone indicator is a new measure of competition based on the theoretical assumption that, in a more efficient or competitive industry, firms are punished severely for being inefficient (Boone et al., 2005, 2007; Boone, 2008). Hence, for an industry with a high level of competition, it is expected that an increase in marginal cost leads to a drastic fall in variable profits. Therefore, the Boone indicator is
measured by estimating the following regression:

VROA_{it} = \alpha + \beta{_t}lnMc_{ij}+\epsilon{_{i,t}}

where  VROA_{it}  is the variable profit (measured as sales revenue less cost of goods sold of firm i in industry j divided by its total assets;  lnMc_{it}  is the natural logarithm of the marginal cost (approximated by cost of goods sold divided by sales revenue) of firm i  in industry j ; and  \beta{_t}  is the time-varying parameter, the absolute value of which measures competition. The sign of the coefficients is expected to be negative. The higher the absolute value of the coefficients, the higher is the level of competition in the industry.

Our Stata code

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