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asdoc: Export Stata dta file to MS Word

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asdoc: Export Stata dta file to MS Word


Creating tables in Stata using asdoc is super-easy. In this short post, I’ll show how to use asdoc to export Stata data to MS word files. If you have not already installed asdoc, it can be installed by

ssc install asdoc


For exporting values from the data files, we can use the sub-command list of asdoc. We can also make the command conditional using the in and if qualifiers. In the following example, let us use the auto data set from the system folders

sysuse auto, clear
asdoc list price trunk mpg turn in 1/10 , replace




In the above line of code, we wrote asdoc and the sub-command list. After that, we specified the names of the variables that we wanted to export to the MS word document. These variables included price trunk mpg turn. After that, we used the phrase in 1/10, that is the in qualifier to report observation 1 to 10. The option replace will replace any existing output file with the name Myfile.doc



Dr.Shahzad Hussain

December 13, 2018at 10:48 am

AOA Sir,
I really appreciate your contribution toward the academic world

Faisal Khan

December 14, 2018at 11:42 am

Sir, Is this command allow as to assign title of table or title to file. As we have such option in outreg command. Similarly can we use append command if we need to expand a table.

Attaullah Shah

December 14, 2018at 11:47 am

Faisal Khan: Yes, asdoc allows title(), so the above code with title will look like

asdoc list price trunk mpg turn in 1/10 , replace title(Table 1: List of Variables) 

Kabir Ahmed

March 24, 2019at 8:32 pm

The command asdoc and other as*** is very helpful

    Attaullah Shah

    March 24, 2019at 11:09 pm

    Kabir Ahmed
    Thanks for your feedback. I hope you shall cite asdoc in your research.

Tsi Njim

May 11, 2019at 4:58 pm

Dear Sir,

I am amazed at how much your work has helped me in my dissertation and I will surely cite it and give it the praise it deserves.

I do have an urgent problem with the asdoc command and I will appreciate your help in the issue.

I have a numeric variable in stata, with a storage type “double”
The variable name is blood_pressure

When I run the following command

asdoc list if blood_pressure > 60

The command runs very well.

But If I run the following command

asdoc list if blood_pressure == .

I receive the following error message:

invalid syntax

Is there a reason why I am getting this error message?

Attaullah Shah

May 12, 2019at 12:28 am

I think you are using an old version of asdoc. If so, re-install it

ssc install asdoc, replace

If that does not solve the problem, there is a workaround. We shall first preserve the data, keep only required observations, use asdoc on that sample and again restore the full dataset

keep if blood_pressure == . 
asdoc list, replace

Jan Mueller

June 15, 2019at 4:26 am

Dear Mr. Shah,

I really do like your work with asdoc.
Is there a solution within the “asdoc list” subcommand to use the variable labels instead of the variable names. The option “label” as in other asdoc commands seems to be without function.

Best regards

    Attaullah Shah

    June 15, 2019at 12:05 pm

    Juan Mueller
    You have not specified whether you are asking for variable labels or value labels. I have added variable labels to asdoc now. You can download the updated version by pasting the following line in Stata

    net install asdoc, from( replace

    After installation, you can report variable labels instead of variable names using the label option. For example

    sysuse auto
    asdoc list make price mpg, label

    Please tell me whether this was you were asking for. Please cite asdoc in your research.

Jan Mueller

June 15, 2019at 1:56 pm

That was a quick response!

Yes, i was looking for the variable names. It works perfect!
Thank you very much.

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